Industrial cleaning


Industrial packaging can be used over and over again if it is cleaned and not damaged. Packaging containing residues of chemicals, oils etc. – are hazardous waste. By cleaning packaging, this can be reused without risk of pollution.

Our partner CEB Impianti in Italy have made solid industrial washing machines for steel drums, plastic drums, IBC containers and similar containers for over twenty years. They know how really dirty packaging can be cleaned so that it can be reused many times – or recycled. This is a circular economy in practice.


IBC before & after

IBC before & after

Advantages of CEB-washing machines:
• Quick and effective cleaning process with 250 or 400 bar.
• Employees are not exposed to gases or heavy lifting.
• The wash water is recycled water consumption -low
• Stainless steel in all vital parts, long life and easy maintenance

Recycling of solvents

With this single unit, your solvents can be recycled and reused. Please contact us for more information.