Recycling tools


Inergeo wants to contribute to a better future in which energy conservation, reuse, recycling are ways to avoid wasting of expensive resources. Therefore we develop ourself  – and together with partners –  new and better products for this purpose.

Here we present some of them. Do you have a good idea for better conservation of resources, please contact us so that we can collaborate on the development and improvement towards marketing?

  1. Dripper developed by InErgeo with support from the Norwegian Research Council. The goal is to create a simple tool to empty small packaging units from 0,1-10 liters containing hazardous chemicals or hazardous waste with 100% of the content. Otherwise, the packaging is recycled. Packaging containing residues of hazardous waste – remains a hazardous waste.
    Dripper can be placed on a 200 l drums or a 1000 l IBC container (possible with two pieces).
    We’ve done tests and in the instructions, you will find necessary information about drainage time.The dripper is produced in powder painted black steel, but can also be supplied in stainless steel. The dripper is made of iron/metal and is 100% recyclable when even be recovered.
  2. Pre-sorting stations are important tools for reduction of the residual waste and increasing the waste sorting rate. We use the LUNE sorting stations because they are good looking, very practical and are durable. Lune is made in iron / metal, can be repaired and is 100% recyclable when even be recycled.