Many companies are experiencing stronger and stronger competition - and pressure on margins. All around the world, the competitiveness in business is improved. To keep up with the pace of your competitors, your company should improve with 0,6% per Month.

Toyota has developed it’s Toyota Production System and is now one of the world's most innovative and most efficient car manufacturers and has passed most of its competitors - certainly in profitability. Western businesses have copied, adapted and developed this system - and today we call this business philosophy, system, and methodology for LEAN. A good number of large companies have adopted LEAN during the last 20 years.

InErgeo cooperates with LEANMAP in Switzerland to benefit from their extensive knowledge of applying LEAN.

  • Focus on value creation activities
  • Focus on the customers needs
  • Focus on flow efficiency
  • Focus on Safety
  • Elimination of waste
  • Removing bottlenecks and clutter
  • Faster problem solving
  • Faster restructuring
  • Less in stock

Together with the management team, we make a Lean Benchmark Audit and a value streams analysis of the business, with a focus on the key areas. We can often already here see areas suited for improvement. We use a long-term perspective but will also bring out the short-term gains quickly. This is done in close interaction with the staff and operational management.

To measure improvement, we use the LEANMAP factory or office audit which analyzes 20 factors of the business. This audit is a powerful tool for the description of the present situation and how to improve. One can usually improve with 0.4-0.5 points per year.

Businesses that have implemented LEAN has measured improvements of 20-40% at the beginning. As you become better at it goes a little slower, but many companies continue with 10-15% improvement each year - even after many years of active improvement. And the journey takes thankfully never end.


Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.” – Galileo Galilei


Is LEAN suitable for all?

Yes, LEAN works in all businesses, large and small, both service industries, manufacturing, industrial, knowledge-based companies and the public sector. LEAN is about creating a positive change culture based on involvement, confidence and respect - and focusing on customer value chain and value creation.


Do you want to test your company/unit?

Please contact us and we'll help you on to your path to continuous improvement.

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  • Management expertise (Management for hire)
  • Leading sustainability projects
  • Turnaround
  • Project Management of Start-ups or restructuring project
  • Lean development or procurement projects
  • Conducting environmental initiatives and Environmental Projects
  • Crisis Management in severe situations
  • Assessment, establishment, and improvement of source separation solutions
  • Assessment, establishment, and improvement
  • Improvement of HESQ systems in waste and recycling industry
  • LEAN waste management
  • Risk assessment
  • Environmental Strategy
  • Environmental pollution and handling of abnormal situations
  • Assessments of laws and regulations
  • The assessment and management of hazardous waste
  • Electronic declaration of hazardous waste
  • Analysis of waste
  • Tender, purchasing, and procurement
  • Consultant Engineer Environment
  • Eco-certification of recycling businesses
  • Training in waste and recycling

We have extensive experience from HSEQ and will happily help you build or improve your HESQ  systems. We focus on using risk assessments to prevent accidents and undesirable incidents, so that the HESQ system is an active and vibrant system in the business.

A safety system must be used and updated - and then must reporting procedures must be simple and digital. The more employees and the more locations you are - the more important is the digital safety systems. A binder with unread, dusty papers on the shelf, is not a HESQ system that works.

We tend to use thermo photography to document failures, power dissipation, overheating or other risk areas.

Please contact us if you need updating HSE system or risk assessments.

Eco Lighthouse certification is a well developed Norwegian Environmental Certification model which is accepted within EU as a certified Environmental management system. More than 10.000 entities are now certified.

Implementing LEAN

  • The training is in-house and customized to the particular business. After an initial training of 2 days with practical exercises, we have four days of thorough review and exercises on the basic and most important elements in LEAN. Please contact us for more information


Basic risk assessments

  • The course is held according to our curriculum, but we can also hold corporate courses. Please contact us for more information.


Prevention of fire in the recycling industry

  • The course is held together with NFFA to If Seafety Center in Hobøl. The training consists of basic fire theory, hot work, special risk elements in the recycling industry and realistic extinguishing exercises such as "Do not do this at home ..." Experienced firefighters provide sound guidance in tackling fire.


Green growth - green goals

  • Workshop on how to prepare and lead a business into a future where the focus is resource savings. We combine LEAN and environmental thinking and get a profitable mix.


Documented training in handling hazardous waste.

  • Inhouse training, where we are reviewing all the important elements around collection, receipt, handling, storage and forwarding of hazardous waste. We also go through the electronic declaration of hazardous waste.