Recycling hazardous waste


Econ Industries provides equipment for recovering hazardous waste. We believe their technology and equipment can support the development towards a circular economy.

The ECON technology is suited for treatment of waste containing oil, solvents or other industrial wastes that can be evaporated and then separated from the other material.

The typical applications are:

  • Drill cuttings
  • Metal sludge and cuttings
  • Polluted Soil
  • Oily wastes
  • Mercury wastes

This is what the customers like best about econ’s VacuDry® technology

  • High quality of recovered resources -adapted temperature profile, vacuum and nitrogen prevent Oxidation or deterioration of valuable resources
  • Low energy consumption – through highly efficient thermal oil heating system
  • High flexibility – plants can be adapted easily to changing waste streams
  • High availability > 90 % – Heavy duty equipment for 24/7 operation
  • Highest safety level – (CE and ATEX certified; approved by German TÜV)
  • Lowest emissions – due to vacuum and activated carbon filter
  • Perfect process control – due to online monitored batch process

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